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nexgen crane and rigging


The Lift


What to Look for When Choosing a Crane Company

When it comes to choosing a crane company, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. After all, cranes are complex and powerful machines that require specialized knowledge and…

What to Know About the Parts of a Crane

Whether you work in construction or manufacturing or are simply a fan of towering structures and heavy lifting, cranes are probably already high on your list of favorite machines.. But…

Common Types of Construction Cranes

It’s hard to imagine what we would do without cranes. These handy pieces of equipment are essential for projects ranging from building bridges and skyscrapers to lifting and transporting the…

The History of the Crane Industry

The history of the crane industry is long and fascinating, dating back to the early days of human civilization.In fact, the earliest record of cranes comes from Ancient Greece, where…

The Journey of NexGen Crane & Rigging

For half a century, the family behind NexGen Crane & Rigging has been an industry leader in manufacturing large and unusual vessels for the chemical and petroleum industries.Today, five decades…
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