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Transporting, or heavy haul trucking, requires meticulous planning, specialized equipment, and expert execution to ensure efficiency and safety.

Hauling the heavy loads.

How do you get a really heavy object from Point A to Point B? As you know, transporting extraordinarily large equipment, machinery, construction materials, and other components is quite the undertaking. It requires meticulous planning, specialized equipment, an understanding of weight distribution, and comprehensive logistical coordination to ensure the safe and efficient transport of these extraordinary cargoes. 
We own and operate a range of trucks and trailers, such as flatbeds, lowboys, and extendable trailers. Our skilled operators are adept in rigging and securing techniques to accommodate the unique dimensions and weight distribution of the freight. Additionally, navigating varying regulatory requirements, obtaining necessary permits, and conducting thorough route surveys are essential to our access in delivering heavy loads.
We take great care to know all DOT regulations and permitting processes. It’s also important that we foster and maintain relationships with state and local agencies to ensure proper planning, surveyed routes, and that all the appropriate permits are acquired.

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Robust engines, heavy-duty transmissions, and reinforced frames accommodate the immense weight and size of the loads.

Flatbed Trailers

Designed to transport a wide range of things, including heavy construction materials, unusual machinery, or any other oversized cargo.

Heavy Haul Trailers

Built to provide the necessary support and stability for transporting massive industrial equipment and machinery.

Carry Deck

Maneuvers heavy loads in and out of confined spaces thanks to its compact footprint and versatile lifting capabilities.

What Our Clients Say

    Paul Jordan
    Paul Jordan

    Project Manager, Reinicke Athens Inc.

    NexGen has been here a number of times and handled everything very well. They’re very professional.


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