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With the right rigging techniques, equipment, and know-how, our crews can maneuver seemingly impossible lifts and attachments with safety and efficiency.

Rig it right.

Rigging involves moving, lifting, and securing heavy equipment or materials using hoists, pulleys, braces, turnbuckles, and other tools. It is an intricate but often overlooked process that allows precise control over lifting, moving, and placing large, heavy, or awkward loads.
That’s why we offer a rigging service with a solution. We understand the difficulties associated with transporting large items quickly and safely. Our team ensures load stability and weight distribution while mitigating risks on every rigging job.
Through attention to detail, our skilled and certified team creates innovative rigging solutions that make complex lifting projects routine. No matter the weight, sensitivity, or location of an oversized piece of equipment, we can rig it, move it, load it, and transport it.

High Tonnage Forklifts

An indispensable machine for efficiently transporting oversized and weighty materials within warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and ports.


When it's heavy and you've got to get it off the ground, there's no better tool that provides a safe and controlled lift.


Utilized to facilitate the movement of large and weighty equipment by providing a smooth and controlled surface for the heavy load to glide across.

Carry Deck

These smaller cranes featuring a flat platform on a four-wheel deck are used for maneuvering in tight spaces and clearing overhead obstacles.

What Our Clients Say

    Dino Meador
    Dino Meador

    President and Owner, Frank Meador & Sons Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

    NexGen has been very reliable. They came up here, gave me a really good price, and did the job. Everybody was so happy. This was not an easy job. Their equipment was great, the people were great — they were just so accommodating with everything. We’ve had zero complaints about anything they’ve worked with us on.


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