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With state-of-the-art equipment and a professional staff, our crane service varies across a wide range of jobs and terrain.

Lending a lift.

We are deeply committed to our employees, our clients, and the communities we work in. With the right combination of specialized skills, advanced equipment, and a strong focus on safety and precision, we have become one of the most trusted crane companies in North Mississippi and North Alabama over the last several years. This is due to our highly skilled personnel and the host of clients from a wide variety of industries that we’ve been so fortunate to work with.
As we’ve grown, so has our fleet of cranes and our staff, both of which have allowed us to cater to a wide array of projects with varying complexities and requirements. With stringent safety protocols, adherence to industry standards, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies, we are able to deliver reliable and secure lifting solutions. From project planning and execution to post-lift analysis and reporting, we are lending a lifting hand to the clients and communities that continue to put their trust in us.


Highway speed, capacity and maneuverability, ideal for both on- and off-road construction and industrial projects.

rough terrain

Designed specifically for jobs that take place on rougher ground, these machines combine the power of crawlers with the lightweight mobility of wheeled vehicles.

Carry Deck

These smaller cranes featuring a flat platform on a four-wheel deck are used for maneuvering in tight spaces and clearing overhead obstacles.

What Our Clients Say

    Jonathan Robinson
    Jonathan Robinson

    Owner of Burford Electric Service

    NexGen always does an amazing job for my team! So glad to be working with them.


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