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Hamilton, Mississippi

Tank Transport

The longest mile.

It was actually more than a mile. Even though the distance wasn’t overly long, this transport required a lot of planning and work. For starters, our sister company (also NexGen’s client on this transport) Thompson’s Welding Service, built the tank. It was 23 feet in diameter, 13 feet tall (16 feet tall on the trailer!), and weighed 18,000 pounds. 
In coordination with the sheriff’s department and power company, who was needed to lift the power lines, we proceeded down the highway through Hamilton, Mississippi. In order to deliver the tank to the client, we had to take a dirt road and then tear down a fence as it wouldn’t fit through the front gate. Once we finally got it there, we used a 275-ton Liebherr crane to set it at a distance of 112 feet.
It was a great team effort all the way around and we appreciate everyone who was involved.


Thompson's Welding Service


Chemical tank transport


Mack Truck & Lowboy Trailer
275-ton Liebherr crane


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