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A Commitment to Safety Excellence

How confident are you that your current crane and rigging company is taking every precaution to protect their workers and communities? Do they go beyond check-the-box compliance to truly foster a culture of safety?


At NexGen Crane and Rigging, safety is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that the well-being of our exceptional employees should never be compromised, no matter how crucial the task is. We understand the trust placed in us by our team members’ families and communities, and we take this responsibility seriously.


In this blog, we’ll provide an in-depth look at our safety certifications, training programs, on-site practices, and participation in advancing industry safety standards. By revealing specifics typically considered proprietary, we hope this glimpse behind the curtain will build trust and peace of mind that we take safety as seriously as you do. When lives are on the line, there should be no corners cut and no information siloed. Now, let’s get started exploring the rigorous NexGen safety chain.


Safety Certifications


NCCCO Certifications

All NexGen crane operators maintain National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) credentials. Considered the gold standard in our industry, NCCCO administers written and practical exams assessing competency across crane types, setup procedures, maintenance, operations, and safety practices. Maintaining these certifications demonstrates the expertise of our operators and signifies the completion of thousands of hours spent developing their capabilities.


OSHA 10 and 30 Certifications 

In addition to NCCCO certifications, many of our crew members have completed 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA construction training programs. These immersive classes reinforce their ability to identify job site hazards and apply occupational safety practices to their specialized work.


Safety Processes


Weekly Toolbox Talks

We kick off each week of operations with “toolbox talks,” where managers and crew members review protocols, discuss potential hazards, and share key lessons learned. These forums promote awareness and help us continuously improve programs to safeguard staff.


Equipment Inspections and Maintenance

NexGen invests heavily in purchasing and maintaining top-quality cranes, rigging materials, and safety gear. We establish comprehensive preventative maintenance routines to inspect and service all equipment. No worker is ever expected to utilize defective or substandard tools that introduce unnecessary risks.


Annual Safety Day

Each year, NexGen sets aside a full day where all employees halt normal operations for organization-wide safety training and workshops. We bring in external subject matter experts and also facilitate open dialogue between corporate, regional, and field teams to align our safety vision at every level.


Safety Training 


Nurturing a Skilled Workforce

Our veteran Field Supervisors play instrumental roles in nurturing a skilled workforce and coaching crew members to complete each job safely the first time. Their depth of knowledge establishes the safety guardrails, enabling operators to confidently execute tasks across various challenging environments.


Autonomy for Operators 

NexGen grants all crane and rigging team members full authority to halt work immediately if they notice anything unsafe. Rather than calling superiors or waiting for permission, we expect staff to take action if situations seem dangerous or unclear.


NexGen grants all crane and rigging team members full authority to halt work immediately if they notice anything unsafe.

Job Site Safety


Empowering Operators

While proper safety certifications and training establish a foundation, we firmly believe that our people’s experience and situational judgment serve as the first line of defense on active jobs. NexGen operators intimately understand their equipment capabilities, local environmental conditions, and the intricacies of the loads they maneuver. If anything gives them pause, they exercise complete empowerment to stop work activities until they resolve concerns. No questions asked.


Continuous Improvement  


Involving Field Staff

At NexGen, we understand that safety can only be improved when we consider different viewpoints within the organization. That’s why we regularly review our completed projects with both our leaders and the field crews. We want to ensure we’re all on the same page and constantly improving. We believe that getting feedback directly from those on the frontlines is crucial in making our programs even better.


Lessons Learned

In one example, post-job analyses revealed that unclear communication protocols among multiple crane operators resulted in delays that could have potentially introduced risks. Before starting work, we addressed this by implementing required communication planning for complex multi-operator jobs. Applying lessons learned through staff engagement makes our safety culture nimbler and more resilient.


Industry Leadership in Safety


Participation in Industry Forums 

While our priority is safeguarding our own team, NexGen also actively participates in industry groups to share our experiences and lead the broader discussion on improving crane and rigging safety. We are long-standing members of groups, including the North Alabama SC&RA (Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association), a National advocacy group that develops safety standards and training programs.

We’re also members of the Mississippi ABC and North Alabama ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors), chapters that provide education and industry benchmarking. These organizations stay at the forefront of developing standards and informing the membership.


Collaboration with Insurance Broker

Our insurance broker regularly briefs leadership on changing regulations around safety governance to ensure NexGen complies with the latest mandates. We also tap their risk management expertise when designing internal safety initiatives and training programs.


Achievements and Recognitions

NexGen takes immense pride in our 2022 National Crane & Rigging Safety Award from SC&RA, which recognizes our perfect safety record. This external validation only strengthens our dedication to prioritizing the well-being of our employees, protecting lives, and avoiding preventable incidents. While we do not pursue accolades as motivation, positive recognition helps attract and retain top talent who align with our values.


Our NexGen Mississippi crew with the 2022 National Crane & Rigging Safety Award from SC&RA.

Raising the Safety Bar Across the Industry 

Protecting our team members is a top priority at NexGen Crane and Rigging. We go above and beyond to ensure their safety through comprehensive training, open communication, and continuous improvement. 


Not content with meeting national safety standards, we constantly strive to exceed them. Our aim is not just to prevent incidents on the job site but to ensure that every person returns home in the same or better health at the end of each shift. To achieve this, we are committed to transparency, embracing cutting-edge technology and training, and working closely with our partners to set new industry benchmarks. 


If you are searching for a crane and rigging provider to trust, join us in our mission to prioritize the well-being of our team and elevate safety standards across the board. Together, we can revolutionize assumptions about what safety excellence looks like for crane and rigging crews. At NexGen, we’ve made that ambitious commitment. When lives hang in the balance, there is no room for complacency — only constant vigilance and raising the bar higher.

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